Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Beggin' Here

One more set of performances and Valhalla will be free to waft up to that great sugar-candy castle in the sky. We had a decent weekend, with bigger houses. The audiences are really getting charged by it. I think the review helped - if for no other reason than offering a little digest of the action. If you come into the show cold, it can be hard to follow the story since it jumps back and forth through centuries and from one continent to another.

It was difficult opening in tandem with the way high-profile production of Waiting for Godot. But now that Godot is go-done, we might see a pickup in attendance next weekend.

Anyway, however it turns out, I know that the people who have seen our production have been entertained and moved. With the cast we've got, they can't help it.

So, to all you peoples who haven't been with us yet, you have another three shows to catch. Come on, show a little support for the artists who live here with you and are struggling along with you to bring hope and beauty and dialogue back to this broken city.

There's plenty of parking.

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