Thursday, November 8, 2007

If a Play Runs in the Forest ...

... Does it make a sound? I mean, how zen can you get? If you mount a play, doesn't that imply that you want someone to see it?

Last Friday, our opening night, three reviewers came to Valhalla. One review will be broadcast on the local PBS outlet tomorrow night. The second one won't appear until the Tuesday after we close because of the schedule of that particular bi-weekly publication. The third was submitted for publication in the Times-Picayune this past Sunday.

So far, nada from (not the "gray", but) the "peroxided lady". So far, nobody is thinking of coming to the show because, so far, nobody really knows about it. (Even the posters we put up are disappearing.)

Is the T-P holding it's review to hurt us? Am I crazy to feel this paranoid?

Everybody involved worked really hard on this play, and so far there has been no return on our investment. Is it time to give it up, to turn away and tally our losses?

The more I think about it, the more I think it would really be nice to do just that, to surrender all these responsibilities and just live out the rest of my years as the Quarter rat I've always dreamed of being.

No shoes, no socks - well, never shirtless. But no obligations. No cares. No debts.


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