Sunday, November 4, 2007

First Weekend Down, Two More to Go

Random jottings after tonight's performance of Valhalla:
  • Excellent opening scene. Feeling a bit under the weather might not be a bad thing for a dynamic actor.
  • A responsive audience beats - hands down - another kind of audience that chats on cellphones while the action is unfolding and then repeats the punchlines.
  • If you are a regisseur trying to undercut the current director, don't show up close to the opening curtain and later exacerbate the (previously courteous and insignificant) competition between the two of you in order to try to sign up a couple of the other fellow's actors for your upcoming production of a Tennessee Williams play no one has ever wanted to be in.
  • And - on top of that - don't make it transparently clear that you've gone beyond Director-Number-One's back to grab a coveted spot for your own agenda and gain.
There are a few other things eating at my gourd tonight, but I can't find the connecting words to make my thoughts clear. I feel like I'm wrapped in barbed wire. I'm angry - wounded and bloody - and all in the middle of what looks to be shaping up to be a substantially successful production of a complex play that has something important to say about the human condition.

Stupid, shallow people really suck. And not in a good way.

And, on top of that, the mother fucker owes me money ...

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