Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally ...

Audiences Will Be in Heaven at 'Valhalla'.
"Valhalla" is an enormous undertaking of a play for any theater anywhere.

The technical aspects, lighting and sets, wigs and costumes, the quick changes of character and costumes are but a few of the demands. The six-character play, in which four of the actors play multiple roles, requires a strong and remarkably adroit cast.

Marigny Theatre's production is up to the play's challenges...

Ludwig is finely portrayed by Shannon Williams as subtly mad right from the beginning, yet vulnerable to beauty and to love. James Avery, played by Keith Launey, is seduction itself and an equal to Ludwig in his love of beauty.

Cammie West played four, or was it 400, well-delineated characters. Her Queen, her Princess and her Tour Guide Natalie, and others were memorable, full of energy and aplomb. Liz Mills was keenly right and achingly funny and/or moving as every character she portrayed.

It's easy to see why Chris Weaver's Henry Lee Stafford is attractive to both sexes. He is that appealing and that good an actor. Carlos Gonzalez, playing five different roles, showed the work of an inventive and solid actor....

"Valhalla" will make you laugh, think, cry and maybe wonder why, or think -- why not!

Okay, I don't get that last part, but the fact is the word is finally getting out to those people who did not know anyone who saw us last weekend and were thus deaf to the word of mouth that's been spreading.

Lyla Hay Owen wrote this review for the Times-Picayune. Two years AK, the T-P has finally hired someone to review the local theatre scene ... (My bad.)

(And dear Lyla, if you're reading this - you have always been kind to me about my work. You name the place, the time, the day ... I will so give you a personal tour of my own private Valhalla.)

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