Monday, March 14, 2005

That Ted!

Always the life of the party. Posted by Hello

I haven't posted since Saturday morning because I spent Saturday afternoon at the munificent manse of the Stringfellow-Crotty's on Magazine Street in the Upper Lower Irish Channel near to, but far enough away from, the lush Garden District. The occasion was the annual parading of the Uptown Drunkards' Hibernian Tottering Society.

The event was attended by the finest of the lower downtown set who proceeded to eat the Crotty-Stringfellows out of hearth and home. But not even they could finish off all the imbibables that the Stringcrotty-Fellows placed before them.

Ah, the street dancing, the nasty catcalls to all the wee lads and lassies passing by. What fun we had coercing young uptowners into delivering up to us their hard-won cabbages and carrots. We weren't really going to hurt them, you know. We simply vastly outnumbered them. And we were bigger.

By the end of the afternoon, we all searched in vain for the Crotchety-Stringers. They seemed to have taken refuge behind the lace curtains beyond their burglar bars.

Needless to say, since that time I have been in a somnolent state of exhaustion.

But a good time was had by all.

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