Saturday, March 19, 2005

Straight to the Point

Can you guess who is speaking and who is being dished?
I always thought that fame would be great if it came with an off button.

Who wants to be photographed with a Queen who looks like she's dressed in 1980s Marks & Spencer? She should be stuck into a corset, plucked and dressed, given some heels and pushed out there doing it. She is appalling.

I always preferred Linda Blair. She is much more believable.

...he was saying, "I am a huge star and suddenly I've realised I am gay."

The English version was fine but the American one was taken out of our hands by that tank of a woman...

I think it is typical of her to be part of an organisation that buys God, as she doesn't like queuing like the rest of us.

Elton John called him one of the most important artists of our time. That's like comparing the Sugababes to Aretha Franklin.

I think the parents of these kids need to be dragged over the coals as well. When I was a kid my mother would never have let me go off and stay the night in some rich man's house. The furthest I went was Auntie Heather's next door.
You can find the answers here.

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