Monday, March 7, 2005

I Would Call It "Proper Raising"

It turns out that while touring Asia in the aftermath of that area's tsunami, former president Bill Clinton surrendered the airplane's only bed to former president George Bush.

Mr. Bush remarked that "he and Clinton are not close, but have been compatible on the tour, partly because Clinton respects his age."

How perceptive. And how tellingly oblivious to any knowledge about the younger president's recent heart bypass surgery.

You know, several years ago I cared for a life partner who had undergone this procedure. Although it is a remarkable, and now fairly routine, achievement of medical science, the recovery process is not easy, is painful, and can be quite chancy.

But I guess when you're 80 and entitled, you're okay with getting the bed.

Sleep well.

1 comment:

  1. Bush is an ass and always will be. If he were younger than Clinton, he would have figured out how to get the bed anyway.

    He is entitled to that bed, just like he is entitled to everything in his world.

    Clinton...a mensch.


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