Sunday, March 20, 2005

Accepting the Good Judgments of Our Wise Leaders

I haven't commented on the Terry Shiavo case because it appalls me. Nevertheless I have to say something, if for no other reason than the fact that one must bear witness.

I have compiled a little table contrasting the things our government tells us are good against those things our government tells us are bad.



Sending our sons and daughters to fight in an unjust war and face mental and physical maiming or death

Terri Schiavo

Prison executions

Terri Schiavo

Removing a breathing tube from a six-month old black baby boy in Texas against his parents’ wishes

Terri Schiavo

Preventing stem-cell research

Terri Schiavo

Screwing the people of the United States, many of whom voted for this “leadership”

Terri Schiavo

The list could go on, but I cannot. You take it from here.

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